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Igniting Curiosity, Excitement and Creative Thinking in STEM Subjects


Home Educators

All of the resources are written very much with the ‘non-specialist’ educator in mind, and so adults who educate their own children will have little problem using them with their ‘pupils’.


If you want to sample a representative selection of Dr Mark’s complete range, you could start off with his two books written especially for children to use with parents and carers:


'Dr Mark’s EXPLOSIVE EXPERIMENTS – Brilliant & Easy Science Experiments for Kids Using Things from the Supermarket’




Dr Mark’s resources are perfect for those people who home educate their children!

‘Dr Mark’s MATHEMAGIC & ARITHMETRICKS – Lots of Fun Maths Investigations for Kids, Using Numbers, Shapes and Some Brain-bending Problem Solving!’


Of course, if you’d rather the full versions of all the activities, each with more complete explanations and additional details for you the ‘teacher’, then the rest of Dr Mark’s resources will give you just that.


And don’t forget Dr Mark’s innovative VIDEO-ENHANCED CDROMs and HD-DVD sets!

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Home educators should always be on the look-out for high quality science and maths experiments, investigations and other activities that will engage their children and get them thinking, and Dr Mark’s resources are just brimming with novel ideas!


Almost all of the science experiments can easily be investigated at home using household materials and equipment. The maths investigations and activities are even easier to cater for at home!