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Igniting Curiosity, Excitement and Creative Thinking in STEM Subjects


Dr Mark’s science and maths shows are hugely popular, and will give a real lift to the subjects in your school. The activities featured in the shows are all the more engaging because almost all can be done with ‘everyday’ materials from around the school or home – thus also saving money in your budget!

Maths Shows

Maths Shows to Engage and Inspire!

Making Your Maths More Interesting, Fun & Exciting!

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4 Different Themed Maths Content Shows to Choose From!

Scroll down and you will see a list of four of Dr Mark's most popular Maths-themed shows - click the name of the show to view a lively poster advert for that particular show, which you can event print!  The most popular by far is Dr Mark’s ‘COOL MATHS SHOW’ which contains a lively ‘pick-n-mix’ selection from topics across the curriculum, including numbers, shape, space, measure, creative problem solving and reasoning. But if none of the shows here meet your needs, then you can even ask for a ‘custom-hybrid’ show of a combination of possible topics, at no extra cost! And don't forget to take a look at the NEW 'COOL STEM SHOW!'


And you’ll also see details of a special ‘INSPIREmaths Combo’ day where you can have a day (or half-day) of pupil shows followed by a teachers’ twilight CPD/INSET session, which includes about £100 worth of FREE classroom resources!

Shows for Almost Any Age – Designed to Engage & Inspire Everyone!

The Maths shows can be adapted for delivery to 5 to 16 year-olds and beyond, though Reception classes usually enjoy their own version too! And all shows have also been delivered to adult groups with great success – so there’s no reason to leave out parents and governors! In fact, Dr Mark delivers the shows in such a way that both children and adults alike enjoy the very same show!

FREE Teachers’ Notes!

You'll get FREE teachers' notes - site licensed for use in your school - with details of the featured activities in each show, including pupils’ worksheets, what to do, what’s going on and some ideas for further investigation back in class or at home.


If your show audiences are clearly not happy at the end of the day, then you don’t pay – not a penny! You also get to keep the FREE teachers notes and you’ll also get sent another £100 worth of ‘Dr Mark’ resources as compensation.

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