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Igniting Curiosity, Excitement and Creative Thinking in STEM Subjects


Teachers CPD / INSET

In-school Teachers Continuing Personal & Professional Development

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Dr Mark and his wife Nikki currently offer several inspiring in-school teachers’ CPD/INSET options for Primary and Secondary school teachers, which are suitable too for 'trainee / probationer' teachers and newly qualified teachers (NQTs). They can even be adapted for classroom teaching assistants!


You will see below and in the downloadable 'INSPIREcpd PPD for Teachers' eBrochure shown on the right that we currently offer ten CPD/INSET options: five are ‘pupil-focused’ STEM-based options intended to give you practical ideas for use in the classroom with the pupils, and five are ‘teacher-focused’ options to help you become even more effective and happier teachers (in the e-brochure you'll also see 'MINDFULNESS FOR TEACHERS', not shown below)


All ten options can be adapted and delivered in a half-day, whole-day or twilight session, depending upon the depth of coverage you require. You can also choose two different half-day options for delivery on the same day. In the case of the STEM-based CPD/INSET options, these can be added as 1- or 2-hour twilight sessions at the end of a whole-day or half-day afternoon of related Science or Maths pupil shows, in our ‘Extended Pupil & Staff CPD Day’.


For details of all our PPD options download our 'INSPIREcpd' e-brochure on the right. You can also contact us for further details.


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web INSPIREcpd - Stress Management for Teachers webINSPIREcpd - Coaching & Mentoring for Teachers webINSPIREcpd - Energy & WellBeing for Teachers webINSPIREcpd - Team Work for Teachers

or Click on a thumbnail below to download a pdf page for that particular option

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