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Igniting Curiosity, Excitement and Creative Thinking in STEM Subjects


More Specific Show and CPD / INSET Testimonials

"Thanks for the shows the other day - they went down really well with

both pupils and staff. They were really entertaining and very worthwhile!."

- Helen Holmes, St. Michael's CE (VC) Primary School, Wakefield


"Thank you very much for the shows, the children loved it and have even been making the things you showed them. Regards"  - Jenna Green, Woodlea Junior School, Lancs


"Thank you again for Tuesday.  Everything I have heard has been positive from staff and pupils.  On Friday we had a kind of Show & Tell assembly and some of the year groups demonstrated how they had continued working on the things you had shown them......When deciding what their highlight of the week was many children chose your visit on Tuesday :) Thank you for helping make our Maths Week such a successful one! And I will definitely be recommending you to my teacher friends. Thank you again." - Kate Corcoran, St Michael's CofE Primary School, Doncaster


"Thank you very much for the Shows you put on they were great.  I had lots of positive comments from teachers, pupils, office staff and the Head about how excited and happy the children looked after the shows - so thank you. Thanks again"

- Fiona Oliver, Tolworth Infant and Nursery School, Surrey


"I have been meaning to email to say a huge thank you for the day, it was great and enjoyed by all of the children and staff. A lot of the children have commented in their weekly blogs that your show was the highlight of their day! Some of the other teachers mentioned we should already book it again for next year, so you will be hearing from us! Thank you for all of the resources."  - Sarah Odom, Parkfield Community School, Birmingham


"The show was fabulous with lots of positives from teachers and pupils alike. I know that many teachers tried some of the activities you used. I certainly will spread the word. Regards."

- Tess Chappell, Ward End Primary School, Birmingham


"Thank you for a great afternoon. Boys very excited and looking forward to trying out all the fantastic things you showed them. Thank you again. Regards." - Elizabeth Barratt, Birkdale School


"The shows were brilliant and got the children really excited about science.  They had great fun trying out the experiments when we got back to the classroom.  It's good to hear that you do different shows including maths as I would definitely consider having another one in the future.......Thank you for today, it was fantastic!  The children absolutely loved it and was a brilliant start to our science week!!

- Kelly Brand, Green Lane Primary and Nursery School, Surrey


"Many thanks for your recent visit. Fantastic feedback for all 3 days. Can we please book you for three days next year." - Patrick Ganley. Wakefield Girls High Junior School


"The feedback has been really positive – here are a few samples of quotations from the children:

Great fun!  I learnt loads.......I learnt that maths isn’t just numbers and that you can also use it in science.......I understood everything as Dr Mark explained well.......I was really excited about the giant spike ball and rockets.......Can we have it next year? It was awesome.......I loved the different types of maths he did. I would love to have him again. Thank you very much Dr Mark.......I loved your show – all your tricks were brilliant! I hope we will be able to work with you again in the future. Thanks." - Dawn, Gossops Green Primary School


"We thought the show was absolutely fantastic!! The playground was buzzing with science questions for the whole day after your show, and I am still, 2 weeks later, getting parents asking me to explain the experiments their children have been talking about. So a massive thank you from all of us!" - Jenna Heath, Betty Layward School, Hackney


"Many thanks Mark. Regarding future bookings - I can only say that not only did you go down a storm with pupils, but parents & teaching colleagues were thoroughly enthralled to. So I have no doubt that we will be looking for return visits in the future."

- Jill Maskell, West Sussex


"I will recommend you to others - everyone at work has been saying how much they enjoyed the maths show!!! Many thanks again and I hope to work with you again soon - probably in a science capacity!"- Anne Marie Sayers, Byron School, Croydon


"On behalf of our school can I thank you for the brilliant workshop you provided for our children and parents. It was fun, informative, exciting and beneficial. Our children have had their interest and curiosity further fuelled. You were VERY well prepared, eager, enthusiastic and encouraging. You brought a great deal of fun to science experiences. GREAT."

- Sue Bromley, Little Hulton EAZ, Salford


"Just wanted to thank you for making our maths day something special. I talked to children in the different year groups and they were all full of the WOW factor, which was just what I was after. I had positive feedback from the staff, some of whom have been on your site – thanks for that too. Thanks again." - Carol Harrison, West Hill Primary


"Thank you once again, we all had a great day - staff and children alike! All of the feedback has been very positive ....... I would not hesitate to recommend your shows in the future. Many thanks." - Emma Briscoe, Birkdale Primary School


"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the shows which you did yesterday. The children all thoroughly enjoyed them and after speaking with staff the same was felt by them. Thanks again." - Helen Morgan, Northwood Park School


"Thank you so much for the fabulous shows and CPD. The children had a fabulous time and enjoyed doing your science activities in class as well as at a science evening we had on Thursday.  We've kept them very busy.  Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.  I'm sure we will all be recommending you to schools in the area and beyond."- Rose Whittaker, Sir John Lillie School


"Thoroughly enjoyed by everyone from Reception to Year 6 and a wonderful start to our science week. The first question my children asked the following morning was whether you would be working with them again – I’ve never known them to be quite so positive about a visitor before….Excellent value for money…Enjoyed by everyone….teachers also found the session useful. You only had to look at the children’s faces to see how much they enjoyed it…This session covered so much – it was great revision before their tests!" - Hotham Primary School, Wandsworth


"Thank you very much for coming to our school and doing the wonderful presentations…The girls were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the day tremendously. I have already had many positive feed-back comments from pupils and parents….I would appreciate a return visit." - Cranford House School, Oxfordshire


"The day was exactly as I would have wished it and more. An excellent balance of group presentations and hands-on work for the children, plus a host of follow-up ideas to extend the day’s work. Excellent value for money……..Many thanks for the presentation. It has left the children and I enthusiastic and eager to try out the follow-up activities….As a non-specialist in science I now feel happy about the rest of this term’s science work. Hope to work with your again soon."

- Primrose Montessori School, London


"I am writing to let you know how much all the classes and their teachers enjoyed the Science Shows and workshops…A great response from all. Hope to be in contact with you again soon."- Fielding Primary School, Ealing, London


"Feedback from my colleagues was very positive indeed…staff were very impressed…The workshop gave an overview and inspired the children in all areas of the science curriculum. Complex concepts were covered in a simple way – enabling even the least able child to access the curriculum at their level." - St Paul’s with St Michael’s School, London


"Thank you very much for your excellent contribution to our Science Week…The children quite obviously had a wonderful time…." - The Queen’s C.E. Primary School, Surrey


"I attended your seminar at TES Exhibition in Manchester in April which I enjoyed very much. Thank you."

- Cindy Hamad, British International School


" went to your fantastic seminar at the SEN Education Show in. It was very inspiring. Thank you very, very much for the free resources! ....I will print and place in a file for school to use! I really, really appreciate it - you have saved my neck for my staff meeting too :). When I came back to school in October I showed my class the magic trick of guessing the numbers and they LOVED it! They even showed their skills off to the headteacher and their parents - lots of compliments especially as even my struggling mathematicians 'got' it and felt so pleased and a real sense of achievement. I was very popular that day! I will look forward to sharing more with them. Thanks again." - Emily Downing, Birdwell School, Long Ashton


"Excellent seminar....I think you are absolutely right about the lack of teachers confidence in science and maths being used as a tool to facilitate the inquiry process. I often use my lack of knowledge and confidence in certain subject areas to assist students’ inquiry. Thank you again for the seminars. You were truly inspiring. Thank You." - Tasman DeNiverville, International School of Düsseldorf


"I attended your fab course in London ....I really did enjoy the day....I've already used an investigation by my Year 6's on Friday, and all concerned have been suitibly 'amazed'! Best wishes."- Rachael Borthwick, Bishops Stortford College


"I absolutely loved the CPD day you provided and have been using your lessons in my class over the past few weeks, which the children have been really enjoying.  Your resources are too good to keep a secret!" - Jenn J McEwan, South Ayrshire


"Thank you very much for the session - it was inspiring and has given me lots to think about and change. Many Thanks."

- Louise Jemmett, Surrey


"I was on your Maths course in Cardiff and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you very much! ...I'm looking forward to using your resources in class. Thank you". - Awen Williams, Wales


"I attended your 'inspire problem solving with science and maths' workshop at the 'TES resources show' yesterday. Your session was really inspiring and I am looking forward to using and sharing your work."- Michele Rowe


"Very much enjoyed (and learnt a lot!) from your 'Brilliant Brain’ presentation on Saturday. Many thanks." - Clive Hampton


"I attended your 'inspire problem solving with science and maths' workshop at the 'TES resources show'. Your session was really inspiring and I am looking forward to using and sharing your work." - Michele Rowe


"Evaluations were extremely positive and teachers very much appreciated your enthusiastic approach to mathematical problem solving. Many commented that they found your session inspirational and that your ideas would have a real impact on their teaching. " - Claire Harris, Schools Advisory Service, Kent County Council


"Teachers definitely felt inspired to use different approaches to many of the science topics they delivered. Mark's down to earth approach and depth of understanding of pupil’s interests and motivating factors empowered teachers to envisage how to stimulate and engage pupils and explore a wide spectrum of opportunity for the delivery of exciting science. This was an extremely useful CPD opportunity for all the teachers." - Billy Higgins, Quality Improvement Officer, City of Edinburgh Council


"Dr Mark was one of the speakers at our Primary Science Conference this year (2007) and the session he delivered about making science fun and exciting was truly magical! The teachers greatly enjoyed the hour-long session as it provided them with lots of ideas for ‘hands-on’ activities that can easily be used and developed in the classroom. Dr Mark engaged the audience through his approach to questioning and demonstration activities, which led to lots of participation and laughter! No mean feet considering he had over 100 teachers to please!" - Rebekah Blondell West Sussex Science Team


"Just a quick email to thank you once again for your input over the last two Saturdays at our HEI days.... Lots of teachers approached me on the day to say how much they had enjoyed the session."

- Jan Jackson, MaST Project Manager, Faculty of Education, Edge Hill University, Lancs


"Thank you for such a wonderful seminar today.  I am an NQT at a Special Needs School in Bromley Kent and am struggling with a low ability KS3 class. I would love to inspire them but have little subject knowledge or confidence in Science.  Your seminar has inspired me.  I will not be able to survive next term's 3 double science lessons a week with this group without you!! Many thanks." - Aileen Coleman


"This is just to say, your seminar was great and very relevant for me. Thank you.

I am half way through teacher training at Southampton University for primary education and I will certainly 'sing your praises' to the other students on my course. I love the whole comic theme for instructions too......Again, thanks a lot for inspiring me!...I just wish my science/maths lessons were like that at school!" - N. Di Pietro (BA QTS student at Southampton)

"Great activities, I am going straight back to try them tomorrow in the classroom."


"Excellent, fun but inspiring activities."


"Presentation of INSPIREmaths was great!"


"Materials were simple but really effective."


"Mark Biddiss delivery was highly effective. He relates very successfully to busy teachers who demand high quality training."


"INSPIREmaths was invaluable."


"Mark never fails to deliver training of the highest quality."


"Great Science again today...the kids and adults alike loved the shows and are inspired and enthused!!

Thanks for the downloads." - Jenifer Morton, Lawns Park Primary School, Leeds


"It was brilliant to have a ‘real’ scientist who could work with nursery through to Year 6 in one day!" - Globe School, London


"Thank you for an enjoyable and interesting day. The children loved it." - Ranelagh Primary School


"Excellent all round. A superb day. Many Thanks". - Merton Court School, Surrey


"Thanks for the inspirational session at the TES in Manchester it was fantastic."- Fiona Ormerod


"Really motivated the kids and staff. Everything very well explained. Great day for us all! Thanks a lot!"

- Burgess Hill School, Sussex


"Thank you so much for a most stimulating presentation on the ‘Brilliant Brain’ Saturday morning."

- Jeffrey Black, Putney Park School, London


"Thank you so much for a most stimulating presentation on the ‘Brilliant Brain’ Saturday morning."

- Jeffrey Black, Putney Park School, London


"I attended your teachers' lecture in Manchester at the TES show. I loved your ideas and work, thank you very much!"  - Kirsty Leyland


"A very full enjoyable day. Age range covered - nursery to Year 2 and all agreed that all the children found it enjoyable." - Tolworth Infants School, Kingston, Surrey

Teachers' Comments